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      Wholesale Ambroxide

      Wholesale Ambroxide

      Chemical Name: [3aR-(3a,5a,9a,9b)]-dodecahydro-3a,6,6,9a tetramethylnaphtho[2,1-b]furan
      CAS No.: 6790-58-5
      EC No.: 229-861-2
      Chemical Formula: C16H28O
      Molecular Weight: 236.39
      Purity: GC99%
      Appearance: White crystal powder
      Our REACH Registration No.:01-2120070784-50-0011
      Application: perfume, tobacco, laundry, and other flavor and fragrance

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      Product Introduction
      Product Background

      Different from other chemical materials or synthetic ingredients, Wholesale Ambroxide powder is obtained through both natural extraction and fermentation process. So it is relatively safe and does no harm to health with the proper dosage in the formula. Compared with food applications, It is more popular and widely used in the tobacco and perfume industry. It is also called -(-) Ambroxide in crystalline powder form, pure white color with no impurity, with a typical ambergris flavor. The regular purity is no less than 99% and Angelbio brand Ambroxide powder could reach above 99.5%.

      Clary sage originated in Europe and was introduced to China in the 1990s.In China, we have large plantations of clary sage in Xinjiang Province and North of Shaanxi Province where both climate and earth are suitable for its cultivation. At present, the annual planting area in China is 3,350-5,360 hectares. This guarantees our stability in product price and delivery.

      ambroxide powder

      Core Advantages

      1. Advanced Research & Development team

      All members are involved in synthesis and fermentation research for more than 18 years, and we also set up cooperation with local famous universities and fermentation research institutes to seek updates on our technology all the time.

      2. Stable supply chain both at home and abroad

      In China, we have partnerships on plantation bases and also set procurement schedules from overseas each year, in which way to guarantee our consecutive production and delivery on time.

      3. Stable customers base and good credit

      We will export dozens of tons to the European market each year, then followed by Asia, the Middle East, and America. Our quality works well for customers’ purpose and received good reputation.

      4. Involve in the whole Industry Chain from plantation to finished Wholesale Ambroxide product (cost advantage).

      Wholesale Ambroxide powder

      What Are The Packing And Delivery Details?

      1. We could offer two package sizes for Wholesale Ambroxide powder: 20kg or 25kg per paper drum, round or square cap.

      2. For volumes less than 20kg, we could offer 1kg, 5kg or 10kg in food-grade plastic bag is available

      3. Price will depend on volume and delivery terms including FOB Shanghai, CIP sea shipping, or CIP air shipping.

      4. To prevent any damage to the packages and we will use solid packing materials and palletize all drums.

      5. For customs clearance in the destination, we will provide an Invoice, Packing list, Country of Origin, Health of Certificate, and REACH tonnage certificate for the European market.

      bulk Ambroxide

      World Market Trends

      In the past few years, the demand for this powder is increasing year by year of its expansion of formula for daily chemical products, like soap, washing powder, shampoo, body lotion, and other aromatic purposes.

      Especially with the improvement of world health environment condition and recovery of the economy, people will again seek a higher quality of living standard, and high-end perfume, cosmetics, and tobacco will appear in their daily life, yes, we deserve a better life and experience.

      Besides, to provide our customers with a more economical product, we are striving for further updates on technology, we think we will have good news on our fermentation technology soon which will replace the use of clary sage as the raw material now, coming up with a better quality, cheaper price, and more output.


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