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      Sclareolide Powder

      Sclareolide Powder

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      Latin botanical origin: Salvia sclarea L.
      Active Ingredient: Sclareolide
      CAS: 564-20-5
      Specification: 95%, 98%
      Appearance: White Fine Powder
      Test Method: GC
      MOQ: 1KG
      Packing Size: 25kg per drum
      Certificate: FDA, Halal, ISO9001, Kosher

      Product Introduction
      Product Background

      Sclareolide Powder is an compound with the molecular formula of C16H26O2, which is obtained from Scalreol which is extracted from the flowers of Salvia sclarea and has antibacterial, flavor, and fragrance effects. There are two main popular technology to produce Scalroelide, including chemical synthesis and biological fermentation methods, the latter will be more competitive in cost and yield.


      Sclareolide is soluble in ethanol and other organic solvents with proper ratio and temperature, but insoluble in water.

      Sclareolide Powder

      Product name:


      CAS No :


      Batch Size:


      Molecular Formula:


      Country of Origin:





      Physical Characteristics


      White to Off-White powder





      Chemical Tests


      ≥95.0 %

      95.58 % (GC)

      Loss on Drying

      ≤0.5 %

      0.31 %


      ≤0.5 %

      0.05 %

      Melting Point

      121°C-124 °C


      Heavy Metals

      Total Heavy Metals

      ≤10 ppm


      Microbiological Tests

      Total Plate Count

      ≤1,000 cfu/g


      Total Yeast & Mold

      ≤100 cfu/g


      Escherichia Coli




      Comform to specification

      Product Function

      1. Tobacco flavoring and flavoring agent

      Sclareolide Powder is an excellent tobacco flavoring and flavoring agent. In mixed cigarettes, it can cover up the coarse odor of tobacco, improve the aroma quality, endow tobacco with a pleasant characteristic aroma, and make the cigarette softer. It is an effective flavoring and flavoring agent.


      2. Aroma food

      Perilla lactone has been widely used in the food industry because it can increase and improve the sense of food. It can be used as a flavoring agent in foods containing sweet condiments to increase the olfactory effect of food. Adding a small amount of perilla lactone in the coffee industry can aggravate the bitterness of coffee and improve the application range of the refreshing effect of coffee.


      3. Reduce fat and weight

      Without cardiovascular stimulation, when reducing body fat, perilla lactone can help improve the quality of a thin body, so it has been widely used in weight loss products. The United States, Japan, and European countries have more and more popular diet foods containing perilla lactone.


      Product Application


      1. Sclareolide Powder is always used as the fragrance component of high-grade perfume, a substitute for ambergris.


      2. Tobacco flavoring agent.


      3. Used for the synthesis of Ambroxide for flavor and fragrance purposes.


      4. Commonly used as fragrance fixative, there are many varieties, which are used in the form of essential oil, balm, resin, pure oil, pure ointment, or tincture. They not only have the function of fixing fragrance, but also sometimes have the function of reconciliation, modification, or tone sandhi because of their different fragrances. Commonly used essential oils include sandalwood oil, patchouli oil, vetiver oil, angelica sinensis oil, birch tar, musk sunflower oil, iris oil, atractylodes oil, and so on.

      Sclareolide Powder application

      5. Animal fixative, there are four kinds commonly used, namely, musk, dragon birthday fragrance, civet fragrance, and castoreum. Especially when used in perfume (adding essence or directly adding perfume), it can not only make the fragrance last but also make the whole fragrance soft, mellow, and vivid. When civet and castoreum are too strong, they are unpleasant, but they are extremely useful when diluted or used in a small amount, but they must not be excessive.


      If I want to order in bulk, how do I start a business with you?

      Ans. Here is our advice,

      Try a sample order to test quality first.

      If the product test result meets your demands, then place a bulk order.

      We will quote the best price based on quantity. The bigger quantity, the better price.




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      FDA Registration Number: 14264384512


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