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      Sclareol Powder

      Sclareol Powder

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      Latin botanical origin: Salvia sclarea L.
      Plant part: Flower and Comus
      Active Ingredient: Sclareol 95%
      Production: Obtained from solvent extraction of the residual oil after steam extraction of Salvia sclarea L.
      CAS #: 515-03-7
      EINECS #: 208-194-0
      Test Method: GC
      Melting point: 95-105℃
      Specific rotation: -9-13℃
      MOQ: 1KG
      Package: 25kg paper drum
      Certificates: FDA, Halal, Iso9001, Kosher, EU Reach
      Related Categories: Organics; Natural Plant Extract; Flavors & Fragrances; Pharmaceutical intermediate; Phytochemical; Reference standards from Chinese medicinal herbs (TCM).; Standardized herbal extract

      Product Introduction
      Product Introduction


      Sclareol Powder is extracted from the inflorescence and stem leaves of Salvia Sclare L. Growing in the shallow mountains of northern Shaanxi Province, due to the large temperature difference between day and night in the area, temperature and humidity and altitude suitable for the growth of herbs, so the production of products with high ester content and pure aroma and famous. With weak amber (dragon salivary) aroma, delicate aroma, strong diffusion, and lasting smell can give fragrance vivid harmonious lasting aroma, is the ideal raw material for synthetic ambergris products, mainly used for sclareolide and Ambroxan and other natural ambergris substitute synthesis, a small amount is also used for the preparation of flavor. In the field of medicine for antibacterial and anti-inflammatory. In the field of pesticides used to control crop rust, powdery mildew, insecticide, mediate plant growth activity, and plant defense function activity.

      Sclareol Powder


      Product Application


      1 Perfumed Fragrances

      It is often used in cosmetics, perfumes, and food flavoring. It is suitable to be used in perfume fragrances when it is directly used in fragrance modulation.

      2 Scalreol is also used for the production of Ambroxide which is a popular ingredient for flavor and fragrance purposes.

      3 Plant Pesticides

      Sclareol Powder can also be used in the field of pesticides because of its strong antibacterial activity and regulation of fungal growth and plant growth.





      Product name:


      CAS No:


      Batch Size:





      Physical Characteristics


      White Powder

      Off-White Crystal

      Particle size

      100% pass through 90 mesh sieve


      Chemical Test


      ≥95.0 %

      95.32 %

      Loss on Drying

      ≤0.5 %

      0.21 %


      ≤0.3 %

      0.02 %

      Melting Point

      95°C-105 °C


      Optical Rotation



      Heavy Metals



      Microbiological Tests

      Total Plate Count

      ≤1,000 cfu/g


      Total Yeast & Mold

      ≤100 cFU/g


      FEscherichia Coli



      Salmonella spp




      Comform to specification


      Test Method


      1. Color: Visual (White powder)

      2. Odor: Organoleptic

      3. Purity:

      Equipment: Gas chromatograph - Agilent 6820

      Chromatographic condition:

      A: chromatographic column: DB-1 30m*0.53mm*0.50um

      B: optimum column temperature: 250℃

      C:gasification temperature: 270℃

      D: detection temperature: 280℃

      E:H2 45ml/min N2 15 ml/min air 450 ml/min

      F:sensitivity: 104

      Accurately put 20.3mg reference substance in 5ml volumetric flask and add MID standard to dissolve.

      Accurately put the sample in a 5ml volumetric flask, add MID standard cooled down to room temperature, and add MID standard to dissolve then finally use the 0.45μm micro pore filtering film technology.

      With the above process, by the time the equipment condition remains stable, detected after the baseline stationary, the assay can be confirmed by using normalization calculation.

      4. Melting point


      A: melting point apparatus RD-II

      B: the heating rate at 5-100℃,150-250℃

      C: glass capillary 90mm*0.8mm*0.2mm

      Detection method:

      Take the equipment insert the sample and adjust the voltage to record the data about the incipient melting and dead melting which is the melting point.

      5. Optical rotation


      A: polarimeter WXG-4

      B: measuring tube 100+/-0.5mm

      Test method: please refer to the introduction

      Calculation of results:


      [a] is specific rotation, a is curl value, 1 is the length of the polarization tube (decimetre[dm]), and c is the weight in 100ml (gram[g]).

      Ⅵ Solubility:

      Dissolve 1 gram sample into absolute ethyl alcohol.

      Chromatogram is as follows:




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