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      Ambroxide Powder

      Ambroxide Powder

      CAS No.: 6790-58-5
      EINECS No.: 229-861-2
      FEMA No.: 3471
      COE No.: 10514
      Specific rotation -29°(c=1, toluene).
      Quality Standard: GB2760-1996 approved as food flavor in 1998

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      Product Introduction
      What is Ambroxide Powder?


      Ambroxide Powder is well known as popular aromatic material for the flavor and fragrance industry. It is widely used in the European and American markets. Its purity is as high as 99% tested by the GC method.


      Ambroxide is recognized as one of the best substitutes for natural ambergris, with strong and special ambergris aroma, and the researchers invest great time and capital on its technology updates to raise its competitiveness in the market. At present, there are main three kinds of product technology in the market, including chemical synthesis, and biological fermentation, some use clary sage as the raw materials, and some even develop a more competitive method to use sugar as the starting material, which will obtain Ambroxide at a much cheaper cost.


      Technology Updates


      For the traditional production technology, the manufacturer will use clary sage flower and stem to get clary sage oil and clary sage concrete, which contains much sclareol and could be contained through extraction with ethanol.
      The next step is to produce sclareolide with sclareol through synthesis method, including chemical synthesis or fermentation method, the latter will take more advantages in yield and cost.
      The final step is to obtain the powder through centrifugation and crystallization process, Ambroxide of high quality is in snow white crystalline powder, not soluble in water, but soluble well in ethanol and other organic flux, melting point 75~76℃, boiling point 102~106℃.

      Ambroxide Powder


      Sensory characteristics: typical odour of ambergris, wood, similar to cypress wood and tea fragrance.
      Application suggestion: used to prepare raspberry, tea, blackberry and other edible flavor, can also be used as a fixed fragrance agent for perfume and other cosmetics.
      Recommended dosage: The usual dosage is 0.1-0.2%.

      For the fresh distilled and pure Ambroxide, its aroma is not outstanding, but it will become softer and mellow when diluted to 10% with alcohol and exposed to air for a period of time. The fragrance fixing effect of the Ambroxide is very outstanding, so it can greatly improve the diffusion and penetration of fragrance, and the aroma could last for a long time,even stay for all notes period.


      EU REACH registration


      According to REACH, companies are required to submit REACH registration application to the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) for any chemical produced or imported with an annual volume more than one tonne. Otherwise, they will not be allowed to continue manufacturing, importing or selling the chemical in the EU market.


      Ambroxide Powder supplier


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      Application Purpose


      1. The well-known and most popular application of Ambroxide Powder is for perfume. You could find it in the ingredient list in all famous brand and middle and high end perfume brand.

      2. It also could be used in tobacco together with sclarolide, which is also the Predecessor of Ambroxide.

      3. Nowadays, P&G is the the one of the biggest consumption of Ambroxide in the market, and their formula include washing powder, clothing care and other body care products.



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      Phone/Whatsapp:+86 152 2925 2740, FDA Registration Number: 14264384512

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