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      Ambroxide powder

      Where to Find Ambroxide Powder Manufacturers and Ambroxide Powder Suppliers?

      1.There are only 1 or 2 real Ambroxide manufacturers in China, angelbiology is one of them, with a capacity of 5MT per month.

      We are able to supply you with the high quality Bulk Ambroxide Powder.

      2.We have built our own factory to ensure that the production process is under our control.

      3.To ensure the quality of products, we have signed cooperation agreements with large, professional third-party testing organizations. Every product you purchase will be tested before delivery.

      Deliveries to  Europe will be provided with the appropriate REACH tonnage certificate as requested by customers. We also have ISO9001, Halal and Kosher certificates for all export goods. Each batch can be traced, and internal and third party laboratory analysis reports on purity, heavy metals and other important parameters are available.

      4.And from the selection of raw material, to every specific production process, to storage of products, every detail is checked by our professional staff with more than ten years of experience.

      What Is Bulk Ambroxide Powder?

      Sage is native to Europe, with up to 450 species, and France, Italy, Switzerland and Spain are all important sources.

      The grass is about 70-120cm tall and has slightly pinkish-purple or white flowers. Its flowers and leaves are very aromatic.

      It has a very distinctive smell, aromatic and warm, with a hint of green grass and tea, which contributes to a sense of well being.

      In ancient,the flowers were sometimes used to make tea, and the seeds were boiled and applied to  the eyes as medicine.

      In China, the climate and soil in Xinjiang Province and northern Shaanxi in ancient are suitable for sagebrush cultivation, with large sagebrush plantations. At present, the annual planting area of sage is about 3,350 - 5,360 hectares and our company has established long-term relationships with sage plantations, which guarantees the quality and delivery of our products.

      Ambroxide powder is extracted from Salvia Sclarea, Clary, or Clary Sage and  has a dry, woody, ambergris, root-like smell.

      ambroxane POWDER


      Physicochemical Property


      Product Name Ambroxide
      Assay ≥99%(GC)
      Appearance White Crystalline Powder
      Chemical Formula C16H28O
      Molecular Weight 236.39292 g/mol
      Density 0.939 g/cm3
      Melting Point 75 °C (167 °F; 348 K)
      Boiling Point 120 °C (248 °F; 393 K) (1.40 mm Hg)
      Flash Point 161 °C (322 °F; 434 K)
      Solubility in water insoluble
      Solubility in ethanol soluble


      Flow Chart of Ambroxide


      Flow Chart of Ambroxide

      COA of Product


      Ambroxide POWDER



      Ambroxide Powder supplier


                             Ambroxide powderbulk Ambroxide Powder supplier

      Applications of Ambroxide


      Sage has a long history as an herb, and uses of Ambroxide include the following:

      1. As a flavouring agent for alcoholic products.

      2. As a fragrance enhancer for soaps, perfumes and cosmetics.

      In particular, it is used as a fixative in men's perfumes and oriental perfumes.

      It has become widely used as a base note, in more complex perfumes.

      3. Its essential oil,extracted from the tops and leaves of the sage plant and is used to relieve stress, treat anxiety, muscle pain and insomnia.

      4.In a 2010 experiment by Seol et al. testing the antidepressant effects of several essential oils, sage (5%) was found to be more effective in relieving stress, possibly due to its ability to regulate serotonin, dopamine, adrenaline and GABA receptors.It is a very popular ingredient in the fragrance, perfume and essence industry due to its complex,long-lasting and come-hither scent.

      5.Tobacco industry.

      Ambroxide Powder


      Where to Buy Bulk Ambroxide Powder?

      There are only 1 or 2 real Ambroxide powder manufacturers in China, angelbiology is one of them, with a capacity of 5MT per month.

      We can provide you with the safest and most effective Ambroxide powder.

      Our products are safe and not harmful to health.

      Why Choose Our Ambroxide Powder?

      1. Top R&D team

      All staff have extensive experience and have been involved in synthetic and fermentation research for over 18 years, and have established partnerships with well-known universities and fermentation research institutes.

      2. Stable domestic and international supply chain

      We have established long-term relationships with our cultivation base in China, as well as an overseas sourcing programme to ensure continuous production and on-time delivery.

      3. Stable customer base and good reputation

      We export dozens of tonnes to Europe every year, and in recent years, demand from the Asian, Middle Eastern and American markets has increased year on year.

      Over the years, we have provided excellent service to our customers and the high quality of our ambroxide powder has been recognised by our customers and the market.

      4.Advanced technology

      In addition, in order to provide our customers with more economical products, we are working to further update our technology and we believe that there will soon be good news about our fermentation technology.

      By then, better quality, lower prices and higher yields will be achieved.

      5.Good pre-sales and after-sales service.

      Contact  Us

      Email: [email protected]

      How to Order



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