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      Pure Hyaluronic Acid Powder

      Pure Hyaluronic Acid Powder

      Product Name: Pure hyaluronic acid Powder
      Other Name: hyaluronan
      Molecular Formula: C28H44N2O23
      Molecular Weight: 776.647
      CAS No.: 9004-61-9
      EINECS: 232-678-0
      Appearance: White Fine Powder
      Purity: no less than 98%

      Product Introduction
      What is Pure Hyaluronic Acid powder?


      The disaccharide unit Hyaluronan, also known as uronic acid or Pure hyaluronic acid Powder, is composed of D-glucuronic acid and n-acetylglucosamine. Its basic structure is a large polysaccharide composed of two disaccharide units D-glucuronic acid and n-acetylglucosamine. Different from other mucopolysaccharides, it does not contain sulfur. Its hyaluronic molecules can carry more than 500 times water, which is currently recognized as the best moisturizing ingredient and is widely used in maintenance products and cosmetics.


      Pure hyaluronic acid Powder


      Pure hyaluronic acid Powder, also short for HA, was first isolated from a bovine eye vitreous body in 1934, so it is also known as Hyaluronan. It is widely distributed in animals, human tissues, and extracellular matrix, and is rich in the vitreous body of the eye, aqueous humor, synovial fluid, skin, and umbilical cord.

      Generally, the human body only contains about 15g HA, without which it is impossible to survive. It also plays an important role in the physiological activities of the human body. When it decreased in the skin, the water in the skin would easily lose, and dryness and wrinkle problems would occur. Likewise, the decreasing level of hyaluronic acid in other tissues and organs could result in arthritis, arteriosclerosis, pulse disorders, and brain atrophy. Generally speaking, the decrease of hyaluronic acid in the body will cause aging problems.


      skin care






      Physical and Chemical Parameters

      Hyaluronic Acid



      Glycuronic Acid



      PH(0.1% Solution )




      White Fine Powder


      Loss on Drying



      Heavy Metals Total


















      Transparency( 0.1% Solution)



      Microbiological Tests



      Total Plate Count

      ≤1,000 cfu/g

      ≤100 cfu/g

      Total Yeast & Mold

      ≤100 cfu/g


      Escherichia Coli

      Negative in 10g


      Salmonella spp

      Negative in 10g



      Negative in 10g



      Conform to Standard.


      How To Use Pure hyaluronic acid Powder?


      1. Oral hyaluronic acid help increases its content in the body.

      2. With digestion and absorption of hyaluronic acid, it is beneficial for skin moisturizing, smoothing, and elastic maintenance;

      3. Consumption of hyaluronic acid could delay aging, prevent arthritis, arteriosclerosis, pulse disorders and brain atrophy, and other diseases.

      4. Oral hyaluronic acid can make people energetic, full of youthful vitality.

      5. In the pharmacy industry, it is widely used in eye drops, surgical materials, and injections.

      6. It has been widely used in health food in developed countries such as Europe and America.


      Water-locking effect


      The Main Functions of Pure Hyaluronic Acid Powder in Skin Care


      1. Moisturizing

      HA is like a "molecular sponge", it has stronger water retention than any other natural or synthetic polymer. The water retention effect of HA is one of its most important physiological functions, so it is called a natural moisturizing factor.

      2. Protect and lubricate cells

      HA can protect and lubricate cells, regulate cell movement on the viscoelastic matrix, stabilize collagen network structure, and protect it from mechanical damage. Because of its natural lubrication property, it could work as a lubricant on the surface of the tendon, tendon sheath, and sticky synovial.

      3. Anti-aging

      HA is one of the main basic components of the epidermis and dermis of human skin. It will trap moisture to nourish collagen fibers and elastic fibers so that the skin can maintain good elasticity, smooth and tender.

      4. Skin Repair

      HA is beneficial to the metabolism of nutrients and the migration of epidermal cells, so as to help skin repair damage and reduce scars.

      5. Multiple protection

      HA can be regarded as a huge "anion group", which can effectively reduce UV penetration through the skin, reduce the formation of free radicals, and reduce the degradation of collagen fibers and elastic fibers.


      Medical beauty injection


      Application of Pure Hyaluronic Acid in the Beauty Industry


      HA can be widely used in beauty skin care and anti-aging series cosmetics, skin anti-wrinkle and wrinkle products, and other fields.

      1. Skin care and maintenance: moisturizing and anti-wrinkle care

      With the industrialization of hyaluronic acid production by fermentation in the mid-1980s, hyaluronic acid was successfully used in the production of cosmetics. Today, HA has become one of the flagship moisturizing ingredients for many high-end skincare brands.

      2. Plastic surgery: anti-wrinkle injections

      HA injection is used for facial filling to reduce wrinkles and be plumper.


      ?Beauty Industry



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